Autonomous Maintenance (A.M.) is the first step of every total maintenance system that aim to zero downtime.

Autonomous maintenance is a very needed methodology especially in that kind of industry based on industrial equipments and automation. Due to heavy investments in the equipments every downtime is a loss of capability and money.

In this type of context, collaborators are mainly involved in tasks related to the assistance and management of the equipments and for the majority of their working time they are not involved in value aggregation tasks for the product production.

A.M. methodology teach how to build a standard routine check list, that implemented by the collaborators working at the equipments,  help to prevent suddenly not predicted technicals downtimes.

This course teach the foundations of the A.M. method and prepare to access the next A.M. skills level; the Ninja Level.

With all the course quizzes successfully done you will receive in your mail a certificate that states your A.M. Knowledge Level.

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