Standardization is the starting point of the Continuous Improvement Path.

Without the standardisation phase it is not possible to define the starting point for measuring progress and monitoring improvements.

This is a very important phase for the companies that start the virtuous path of the Lean Thinking model. A lot of companies believes they possesses standardize processes, while in reality, their standards are not at the level that describe them as “the best way” to perform tasks.

With the SDCA-PDCA cycle, companies reappropriate themself of their processes and trigger the virtuous cycle of improvement (PDCA) that can only start after standardization (SDCA).

This course teach the foundations of standard work and the SDCA-PDCA cycle, it prepare also to access the next skills level; the Ninja Level.

With all the course quizzes successfully done you will receive in your mail a certificate that state your Knowledge Level in standard work and SDCA-PDCA cycle.

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